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Specialized Transfer

  • Maxicab - Specialized Transfer - Wedding Limousine

    Wedding Limousine

    Luxurious and prestigious limousine vehicle for your wedding occasion. You may wish to use limousine cab either as the bridal vehicle, or as a limousine transportation for your family and friends.

    Every wedding is unique. Learn more about our wedding limousine transfer service.

  • Maxicab - Specialized Transfer - Singapore - Transporter

    Singapore Transporter

    Move any item from one place to another within Singapore.

    Specification: 222cm(l) x 130cm(b) x 120cm(h).

    * Please note that this is not a replacement for professional moving services, and only the transportation is provided. The driver will NOT be able to move the items beyond the vehicle. (e.g. to the office)

Limousine Cab
Limousine Cab
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