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Activities in Singapore - Things to See and Do

  • Many residents of Singapore claim that there is nothing to do there bar work eat and sleep. The truth is far from that as the former British trading post and colony is now a thriving cultural melting pot and economic success story. The tiny island based city-state is one of the cleanest places in the world to visit (did you know chewing gum is banned in Singapore?) and crime is virtually unknown.

    One of the most famous spots on the Singapore landscape is Raffles hotel, where you can pop up the bar and sample a legendary "Singapore Sling" in one of the worlds best known hostelries. This elegant hotel is on Beach Road and is a must for any visit to the city.

    A "bumboat" used to be used to transfer goods from larger ships moored in the harbour but now they carry sightseeing visitors around the cities waterways, giving an ideal vantage point to admire the city`s contrasting architecture.

    A trip so Sentosa Island will enable you to take in theme parks, an aquarium and a cable car ride to the top of "Sky Tower" from where you can take in the spectacular views of the city. There are also nature trails through the semi tropical vegetation and plenty of bars and restaurants for refreshment as you explore.

    The states National Orchid gardens are another pleasant escape form the city streets. The world`s largest orchid collection has over 128 acres of landscaped jungle and park. Further away from the city the Night Safari is a large park containing animal shows and is a pleasant alternative to Singapore`s normally active city night scene.

    Chinatowns Club Street is one of the best places to see the city nights at their best. The trendy locals hang out here, numerous bars and restaurants give you ample options as to how to pass the time watching the young executives at play. More than just a strip of clubs the area is full of history and the narrow old streets give an added extra to the atmosphere.

    Canoeing around the island is another way to escape the city heat and view the city from a different angle. Operators hire canoes from several points including Changi Point and Stenosa Island.

    One of the darker tourist spots is a reminder of the days when the island was occupied by the wartime Japanese forces, but it still makes for an interesting afternoon. The Changi Museum and Chapel is symbolic replica of the chapels built by prisoners in the second world war. Shopping in Singapore is a must take a trip along Orchard Road, Singapore`s equivalent to Oxford Street. Large malls, souvenirs and more traditional purchases fill the stores which are occupied my megastars to long time local traders.

    Getting to Singapore used to be a mammoth task in itself, but thankfully times have changed, try Singapore flights for a wide range of options as to how to reach this fascinating destination.

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