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  • Travel in ease and style…with Limousine Cab

    Travelling to your desired destination has never been more convenient and carefree. Time is precious so waste no more waiting or queuing up for a taxi to your destination! Limousine Cab's free advanced booking lets you travel unhindered. Relax in comfort as professional drivers take you to your destination on time. Simply call Limousine Cab and all arrangements for the provision of your transport will be managed.

    Unlike usual taxi services, Limousine Cab charges a flat rate. This means that there are no hidden costs, surcharges or meter rates. With a one-time flat fee, you can enjoy your journey in peace of mind without worrying about costs clocking up!

    Limousine Cab's premium professional service makes travelling not simply a journey, but a memorable experience in a luxuriant fleet of vehicles. All drivers are equipped with years of realistic experience and are trained in customer service to readily provide assistance. Putting your comfort at top priority, drivers take only the fastest route in the shortest possible time to your desired destination. A personalized ‘meet and greet’ service at the airport is also value-added for arriving travellers who have booked an airport transfer with Limousine Cab.

    For all-rounded service and a pleasant journey that is as smooth as it is dependable, choose Limousine Cab!

Limousine Cab
Limousine Cab
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